Sometimes, the world of gaming goes for the marvel studios. And some of these game developers would likely have a step with the Disney world as well. While all perspectives are fighting over creating a superhero game, the DC world is also trying to have an entrance with their superheroes. And as the final result, DC Dual Force tier list best leader DC Worlds Collide was born with some superheroes as well as the villains. So we will look at all characters in this DC Worlds Collide tier list guide. Our DC Worlds Collide tier list will not only rank the 50+ characters in the game right now, but also explain why exactly the best fighters are so good.

  • Her adrenaline ability that is activated throughout the game without the need for charges makes Harley quite good in different scenarios.
  • In the faction their is limited support for the combinations though, but the card does allow access to the other Tyranny cards.
  • Batman’s ability, “Gotham’s Guardian,” generates a bronze resource at the start of each turn, allowing you to quickly assemble a powerful army.
  • At the moment there are high-powered Champions and more regular characters.
  • In order to hit your draws often, your then adding even more Green Lanterns and severely limiting your deck flexibility.

They both gain additional charges by different methods, but even being able to charge Black Adam once a turn by dropping a power 5 recruit each turn may not be fast enough for being relevant. Hal has a good amount of life points and can attack with 3 power when he activates his ability, which keeps him relatively afloat in a deck dedicated to taking advantage of his ability. If she could activate her ability for one less charge she would probably be one of the best leaders in the game. In our budget deck article, I made a proposal for Superman in combination with Batman. The next deck would be an upgrade considering rarer cards as options.

Outside of the-flash-leader
the Leaders can be more complicated to play. The Flash can be very effective in an aggressive strategy, but the big finishers your looking for are higher rarity. Tactics has access to arguably the strongest Leader in the game, Batman. Although the Batman strategies can be beaten, the full Gadget packages are flexible and they help you maintain both board and card advantage. The issue as your going through the Beta is the strongest payoffs for the package in batman
, batmobile
and lucius-fox
are all on the more expensive side and you need to get lucky and open these cards.

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However, my reason for not positioning him lower in the tier is that he ultimately seems a bit more flexible to me than any of the leaders below him. Lex Luthor invites us to play decks in the pure sacrifice style in order to obtain the greatest possible advantage when using his ability. The truth is that, even if we didn’t use his ability sacrificing our recruits, it gives us a tool that we can use as a removal directly against our opponents recruits, even if it’s slower. It’s a matter of time until we find the best possible combination.

DC Dual Force tier list

Unlike other leaders, Black Adam doesn’t lose his attack power at the end of the turn. Although his ability takes a while to charge up, he becomes a massive threat if not answered during the early game. However, like Shazam, he takes way too long to set up and can be easily taken out before he gets to that point. Trick arrows offer insane value, but they are not worth playing in the early game. However, in the mid to late game, you can clear entire boards using only arrows.

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They’re the only three comic-book characters to make it into the S tier – and there’s good reason why. Beyond playing games, Kaustab also enjoys sharing his expertise and insights with others. His love for writing reviews and guides allows him to impart his knowledge and help fellow gamers immerse themselves in the same joy and excitement that he experiences. Through his words, he strives to create a community of enthusiasts who can collectively appreciate and enjoy the gaming world.

D-Tier: The Heroes in Search of Purpose

Aquaman creates Sea Creatures which scale over time whilst also providing 3 attack on the Leader to help clear opposing boards. This only 3 charge ability, not only provides board presence without any synergy in the deck, it gives you 3 attack that can go into any of the opposing Recruits or Leaders. The only reason this card doesn’t make it into S-Tier alongside Batman is their is another direction you can use the Might faction which can compete with this Leader. The ability provides you value and ability to clear early game recruits which in the beta was incredibly valuable.

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